Many of the changes people undergo during puberty are common to both girls and boys while some are unique to one gender.

As you can see from the list of changes below, boys and girls do experience more similar changes during puberty than different changes.

Changes for Girls

  • Hips get bigger
  • Uterus, vagina and vulva grow larger
  • Ovaries start to release eggs
  • Menstruation begins (periods)

Changes for Boys

  • Shoulders get wider
  • Penis and testicles grow bigger
  • Testes begin to make sperm

Changes for Both

  • Body makes more hormones
  • More sweat (possible body odor)
  • Skin and hair more oily
  • May get acne (pimples, zits)
  • Gain weight and get taller
  • Muscles get bigger and stronger
  • Hair grows underarms
  • Hair grows around genitals (pubic hair)
  • Body hair gets longer and thicker
  • Hair grows on face
  • Voice changes
  • Breast tissue thickens
  • May feel more self-conscious
  • May have crushes and attractions
  • May want more independence
  • May have more conflict with parents
  • May concentrate more on relationship with peers/friends
  • May have mood swings