Female Hygiene

An important tip for females is to wipe from front to back to prevent fecal matter (poop) from reaching the vulva (external genitals).


When a female is having her period and menstrual fluid is coming out, it is recommended that some type of feminine hygiene product be used; this includes pads, tampons, or re-usable options.

pad placed in underwear
tampon placed in vagina

It is never good to clean inside the vagina with soap or any type of liquid.  The vagina cleans out any bad bacteria on its own.  As it cleans it is normal to have discharge (yellow or white fluid) come out of the vaginal opening.  If this discharge smells, or if it hurts to urinate (pee), a female should talk to a doctor or school nurse because she might have an infection

Why should we use these scientific words?

It will help us:

  • respect our bodies and other people's bodies.
  • feel good about our bodies.
  • talk to parents or doctors about our bodies.